People set up new businesses around the UK every day. Usually it’s because they have a passion for something or are great at something. For me at Pebble Marketing, it was because I love to talk! But the day-to-day running of a business involves many more tasks than just doing the thing you love, like invoicing and monthly finances, admin, IT, marketing and sales. Very few people are good at all of these things and even fewer small business owners would have the time to do them all.

In a LinkedIn poll last month, I asked the question, ‘why do you outsource?’ The responses were split 50/50 between ‘Don’t have time’ and ‘No skills or resources’.  Then in a separate poll I asked, ‘what do you outsource?’

  • Admin – 45%
  • Telemarketing / sales – 27%
  • IT – 18%
  • Social media / SEO – 9%

If we look at the top 2 answers, they fit in with the responses to the ‘why’ question. Admin can be time-consuming but is an important element of running an efficient business. Finding customers is vital to growing any business and spending time doing telemarketing or making sales calls can be an excellent way to do this, but many small businesses don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to it. Some business owners may not like making the calls themselves, so put it off.

Outsourcing can free up time to concentrate on the core activities of a business, with the other jobs done in a more efficient and cost-effective way. It can also give you some free time. Nobody wants to work 24 hours a day! Business owners need downtime to avoid a build-up of stress that could affect their health and ultimately have a negative impact on the business.

Finding the right outsourcing partner is key to making the process go smoothly. Spend some time agreeing what needs to be done upfront and communicate regularly. It may be the key to growing a business without spending 24 hours a day doing it.

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