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Selecting the right data is like finding the right pebble to pick up on the beach, there are millions of pebbles, but only one is right for you. Finding the right data can be much the same!

Pebble Marketing UK works closely with data suppliers to provide you with a competitive and affordable data package.  We help you identify your ideal client – their geography, industry, size of company and the decision makers job role.  

Data comes with a 12 month licence of usage, and is Telephone Preference Service (TPS) & Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS) cleansed on delivery.  We can also assist in cleansing data against the TPS & CTPS register every 28 days.  Data supplied with email addresses is compliant under GDPR & PECR regulations. 

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It was great working with Oya and she was a great asset to help me with a telemarketing task I needed doing. I hate calling and didn’t have the time for it so finding Oya was a lifesaver and I would highly recommend her services to anyone.

Have used Pebble Marketing a number of times over the years and can highly recommend. A pleasure to work with – professional and effective! Sharon French, Evolve Marketing

Director, Evolve Marketing

Oya is a great telesales professional. Should took real trouble to understand my business and was very effective and good fun to work with. Telesales is a really tricky area to get right, but Oya represented my brand brilliantly, she’s a real find. Louise Findlay-Wilson, Founder Energy PR

Founder, Managing Director

I worked with Oya on a telephone campaign to increase our customer base we received regular well organised updates and some good qualified leads I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Oya – James Wright, Managing Director at Westire Technology

Ritetech Ltd

…great success, not only with the leads but I’m thrilled about the appointments as well


Produced results from a standing start.

Captor Group Ltd

We are so happy with the service and professionalism provided by Pebble Marketing

A1 Group

I knew I wanted to work with Pebble Marketing and to have them represent the Willow & Puddifoot brand….. I have seen a huge impact to my business as a result.

Louise Puddifoot, Willow & Puddifoot