Flexibility, expertise and freeing up time – 3 benefits of outsourcing for business owners

A guest blog by Nicole Martin of Pinpoint Marketing

Do you worry about not having the right skills sometimes when it comes to your marketing or knowing how to utilise your team/your skills to make them flexible? Do you wish you had more time in the day?
Pinpoint Marketing of course cannot create time for you, but we can help you to use your time more wisely with outsourcing what you can’t do or don’t want to do when it comes to marketing your business. And we can help you stop wasting time and money on the wrong marketing – get our free download here:

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What skills do businesses outsource?

According to marcommnews.com, Marketing is outsourced by 42% of UK businesses. And most do so because they aren’t able to find someone with the necessary skills or don’t have the resource to handle it internally.
Other areas outsource include accounts, admin and HR.

What marketing can you outsource?

• The businesses marketing strategy and plan
• The hands-on delivery of the activity and campaigns across all channels from social media to copy to PR to SEO and digital marketing
• The measuring and reporting of your marketing activity
• The businesses Marketing director role eg the CMO role (more on this later)

How can outsourcing help your marketing?

A consultant or agent, like me, can work with your internal team. We note the team’s skillsets so that everyone plays to their strengths within the business and we plug any skills gaps and enable the smooth implementation of your business and marketing plan.

Some of these skills gaps will be covered by myself when it comes to strategy, planning, consultant and accountability, but some of them will also be areas I can signpost you the client too. Eg areas of marketing that require specific skills such as SEO, PR, design and so on. I connect the business and you the business owner to all the solutions you need to ensure the plan is implemented, stuck to and bringing in results.

I make sure the team in whatever format this looks like is well organised and proactive with its marketing. And as a consultant and from an outsider looking in perspective, as I have no preconceived ideas on the business or any bias. I see things as they are meaning you get what you need and when you need it, nothing more nothing less.

The role of someone like me in an outsourced role is to hold your hand as it were and to give support to you and your business.

The benefits of outsourcing your marketing?

An outsourced expert will decipher the right strategy depending on your business’s audience and goals, therefore the business will only be targeting the right prospects at the right time, via the right marketing channels and with the right messaging that will resonate, attract, raise awareness and inspire action.

By getting your marketing and campaigns and channels right first or second time, you as the business owner will have your time freed up, therefore allowing you to stay on top of your businesses marketing and to be involved, but not bogged down with the day to day. This detail and day to day focus is the role of an outsourced marketing director.

Using the outsider looking in perspective as mentioned before, the outsourced director, in this case Pinpoint Marketing will have the bigger picture in front of them and using the strategy and plan of action, they will be “in charge” of the marketing to ensure action, consistency and reaching the goals.

Plus this role can help you with business growth, helping you prioritise, give direction, do the right thing marketing wise and supporting your lead gen and sales activity eg more leads, routes to market.
Outsourcing is simply and as and when need. After all it is your marketing, your budget, your way so do things how you want.

The CMO role
What is a CMO? (chief marketing officer)

Google search results say this role sits at the board level but is not bound by the company eg has more flexibility, add more value etc. A CMO is not the I have to do this role, but a CMO does delegate/collaborate. They come up with the strategy and then the “team” (in whatever form this team comes in) implement it.

A CMO is not an expert in everything. They do enable and empower the team to be productive and working together for a collective outcome that benefits all.
Does your business need a leader, but you don’t have the budget to hire a full-time marketing director? Or perhaps a manager and exec? Or you don’t have the office/desk space? We have done this for others?

Not a problem, introduce a fractional CMO. A remote team is the way it is now, so why not embrace this approach/way of working for your marketing.

What next?
Bridge the gap between the marketing you have/do now to employing a full time.

Hiring a remote CMO alongside an in-house team is the optimal solution for many business owners.

CMO’s are the way forward to deliver digital marketing. I don’t need to know the detail and be up to speed with all the detail, as we outsource this to experts who do just this/just the piece of marketing in question.

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