I like to call my goals “milestones”.  That way, because life is so uncertain at present, if I don’t achieve my milestone, it doesn’t matter – it can be moved.  Goals are more driven to a finish date – that way I’m not too hard on myself if I don’t achieve my milestone. But not having a plan or milestones to head towards on a weekly or monthly basis can leave you feeling without clarity and direction.

In spring last year, I missed a whole month. It was the first lockdown, the world was in turmoil and I didn’t have a plan. Things like home schooling got in the way and I arrived at the end of the month feeling like I hadn’t achieved anything. I’m not going to let that happen again.

As we begin lockdown 3, I think now is the time to reflect and plan for 2021. Whilst many businesses struggled in 2020, Pebble Marketing UK was fortunate enough to grow with a fabulous portfolio of clients and an amazing new agent. I hope this year will bring more of the same, but I’m going to spend a bit of time making a plan for January and beyond, so I have a clear sense of purpose as I sit at my desk again at the start of this new year.

If your plan for 2021 includes growing your business by getting more leads and prospects, then telesales / telemarketing could be the way.

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