How to get your pitch noticed during lockdown 2.0

So here we go again (Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again” is buzzing around in my head!)  Lock Down Part II – we’ve realised that we cannot control the uncertainties of tomorrow.  We have now adapted to working from home.  This is the “new norm”.  But business life (or life in business) still has to continue.  We have shifted our routes to market to being more on-line – whether we have a product or service to promote and sell. 

Change can be challenging – but it’s how we approach it that helps us grow.  And it may be that you need to change the way you approach your prospects.  We can no longer hold face-to-face meetings or networking but these have pivoted easily to on-line virtual meetings and networking groups.  The world has changed, so businesses must adapt. Here we explore various ways to get your product or service in front of your clients during lockdown – quickly and easily.

Social media

Love it or hate it, social media is, I believe, the primary “go-to” for information, services and products.  As more people are working from home, they are rarely away from their desktops/laptops.  Even when we are on the go, we always have access to a mobile device (and you’re on a winner if you’re in a 5G area!).  Sales and marketing has changed dramatically – it’s all about the customer now.  The customer journey, the customer experience – thus the customer has the power! 

Not all social media platforms are going to be right for your product or service.  Or maybe they all are.  But you’ll get to know what is right for your organisation’s product or service by trial and error.  For example, if you’re a photographer, Instagram and Pinterest would be the social media of choice as they’re more visual.  Depending on your product or service and which platform you use to post and promote, it’s advised that you post often, with consistent and quality content.  LinkedIn for example, I have been told to post 2-3 times a week, and Facebook 3-4 times a week or more (like that’s going to happen!). I try but it’s difficult to juggle social media posting, website, business….so I have Philippa at Pink Spaghetti to help me schedule and repurpose posts and content.

Direct Mail – Now that we’re encouraged to work from home where possible, direct mail sent to an office would not be a sensible option, as post may mount up unnoticed and unopened.  Some larger organisations still have an active switchboard in operation – but limited staff on site/in offices.  Post would be delayed in reaching the contact, unless they physically come into the office.

Email – Having a well thought-out and structured email campaign to your targeted prospects can be dynamite! Take a read of my top-tips for email content.  It would be worth considering using a tool such as MailChimp or MailTrack to track emails, see who’s received and opened your email, clicked on any hyperlinks or even visited your website.  This information is invaluable as your prospect is now considered warm and (hopefully) approachable.  These tools also help your campaign to avoid the spam filter.

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