Who is my ideal client?  As business owners, we should all ask ourselves this and it can be a difficult one to answer! But it’s an important question, as it allows us to target our products or services to the right market.

For me and Pebble Marketing UK, it’s about understanding the clients’ profile, their persona.  All in all, the B2B SME market is so huge and diverse, that a telemarketing and telesales campaign can be effective in most industries, provided you have the right data, the right agents and the aim of the campaign is clear.

Where to begin?  How do you or I identify an “ideal client”?  Is it a client that generates the most profit?  Perhaps an industry you’ve been working with and in for years?  It may be a client that you have a good synergy or fit with.  But most importantly, it should be the type of client that you can best service. The client that will gain the most value from what you offer.

Last week’s guest at the Business Spa, Dylis Guyan asked exactly that…”Who is YOUR client?”  which I really resonated with, as this is a question I always ask any new prospects, especially when they’re looking to acquire data.  One thing that I get them to consider is the industry they’d like to approach, where their prospective clients are located geographically; the size of the prospect in relation to turnover and number of employees; what is it their prospect is missing or can gain from them?

One thing Dylis mentioned which struck home – is to focus on industries relevant and purposeful to your business, who are thriving in the current climate and not just surviving.  My ideal client would be a B2B company, with 10+ staff, but limited in-house sales & marketing resources or skills.  One who is looking to outsource telesales & telemarketing for a specific campaign and deliver results, whether that is from generating leads and business development, arranging appointments, or booking in demos for their senior management to present.  Industries that are key to approach would be FinTech, Pharma & Healthcare, Legal, Construction, Engineering, Electronics to delivery companies.

I think I’ve created my first Client Persona! So, if you’d like to reach your ideal client, get in touch to discuss how Pebble Marketing UK can act as an extension to your sales and marketing team. Email or call us on 02087 209266.

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