Pebble Marketing UK is excited to announce that we have a new client, Work.Happy – a workplace assessment specialist that enables individuals to take control of their happiness at work.

In 2020, with so many employees working from home, organisations are having to do more to ensure their staff are engaged, happy and productive. Considerations range from physical health, nutrition, mental health, financial health, social connectivity to mindfulness.  But – how do companies KNOW their staff are happy in the workplace?  Hello to Work-Happy.

Work.Happy has developed a platform for Human Resources professionals who are looking for increased engagement, wellbeing, accountability and performance from their staff.  Work-Happy brings together all the benefits of a range of applications into one platform – physical health, wellbeing, employee engagement and coaching. 

According to Anna Cleland, CEO of Work-Happy, ‘At present there are no solutions on the market focusing on how people feel at work – yet we spend the majority of our time there!’  

Pebble Marketing is helping Work.Happy to spread the word, using telesales and telemarketing to engage directly with potential clients.

Work-Happy is a future-tool for every organisation to have, giving accountability and ownership to each member of staff.  It enables both staff & Line Managers to attend 1:1 review meetings, prepared for a productive conversation.

Don’t’ have the resources in-house to conduct a telesales campaign in-house?  Give us a call to find out more.

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