Having a mentor as a small business owner is both empowering and rewarding. It means you’re not on your own trying to juggle a new and growing business.  It’s like having someone to guide you through the minefield of business.  Leaving the corporate world to go it alone is hard. You don’t have the safety blanket of the HR or training department at each new step and this is where a mentor can be invaluable.

My first encounter of mentorship was from a business associate when I first started Pebble Marketing UK.  Taking me to my first networking event was like starting at pre-school.  I soon got the hang of it and grew to love it!

For established businesses, mentoring is even more important. It can be difficult to take yourself out of the day-to day running of the business to think about where you’re going with it and the most successful businesses always have a plan. This is where business coaches can be incredibly helpful. I use a business coach, Brave Tart and am currently a member of the Business Spa, an Oxford based mentoring and support group. Using two different forms of mentoring has helped me with business development, to set milestones for my business and ultimately, to grow even more.  

Whatever stage you’re at, having some form of mentorship will help you to look objectively at your business to set goals and to provide wisdom and support when you need it.

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