Why I do what I do – Why Pebble Marketing?

You can say I love to talk! A lot! And loud!

One of my fondest childhood memories is of my dear old Nene, when she was sprightly and alert, running to answer the phone! Even though, most of the time, the call was not for her she would have to say in broken English “Sorry, me speak no English…wait” in her cute Turkish accent, bless her.  But that taught me my first lesson, to answer the phone within three rings.  

After leaving Oxford Brooks University, my first job was selling advertising space in theatre programmes.  Within a normal working day, I could dial out over 100 calls.  Next came an internal sales executive position for an Oxford office furniture designer and manufacturer. I was soon chatting on the phone to prospects, getting to know them and building up relationships. This then led to arranging meetings for the Director at leading universities and companies looking to revitalise their office space.  

Within 2 years, I was expecting my first born and returned to work part-time after 9 months maternity leave, at a small local recruitment agency. As much as I loved my baby, I loved to work, and began to recharge my brain, re-grow and increase my confidence by speaking and carrying out general over-the-phone interviews with clients and candidates. The company was having difficulty finding suitable candidates for a local manufacturer who made battery monitoring systems, and suggested I attend the interview to keep the client sweet! Well, I felt as if I breezed through the interview, all things mechanical & electrical (M&E) it just clicked, and I was hired! I loved that job, speaking to engineers and facilities managers, and my confidence grew. I had been in the role for 2 years but with my daughter starting primary school and drop-off/pick-up times were going to be an issue, as a result it forced me to find an alternative part-time position working from home. 

Fortunately, I found a position with a marketing agency based in Oxfordshire, working part-time from home, but then found I was pregnant with my second daughter. However, this time I didn’t want to return to work, but pressure from my ex-husband, meant I had to, but this time it was in an office.  With one daughter in nursery and the other in primary school, my ex-husband working shifts, and me working it puta strain on our marriage.  My ex-husband suggested Iwork for myself, doing what I was already doing.  It was both daunting and exciting, I decided to take the plunge and Pebble Marketing UK was launched! 

I met my first client chatting at the school gates, he was just setting up his own web design business (WebBoutiques) and needed a telesales person. So, within a month of starting I had gained a fantastic client and mentor all rolled into one.  The opportunity was too good to be true, I was working on the premises, learning the job as I went along, arranging training days, getting to know the client’s, and forming friendships.

I then started networking and began to gain clients from a variety of industries which included telecoms, IT, retail maintenance, deep cleaning, psychometric services, and graphic design. I loved what I was doing delivering results, plus I gained the ability to onboard enough company knowledge to commence a telesales and telemarketing campaign quickly and effectively.  

When working with my clients I find the buzz is two-fold; the first when I get the meeting/appointment for my client, and the second when my client turns that lead into business.  I love to match prospects to my clients, arrange the meeting and finally complete the handover. 

Still to this day I cannot believe I am an entrepreneur. The struggles I have endured to balance work, childcare, family, home, and a business have been huge.  But I have been lucky to havehad a fabulous support structure around me to help me out.

Nearly fourteen years later, I am still here.  I’ve had a lot to juggle along the way personally, financially and professionally. I have made numerous mistakes, learnt many lessons, made many friends, experienced a lot of exciting opportunities and adventures…and it’s not over yet!

I am excited for the future…

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